Saturday, January 23, 2010

speaking of sisters...

She might as well be my sister..... she's as close as it comes. She's the best friend Il could ask for. Spence and Ben have been best buds forever and so when he married Kristi I was thrilled. She has been there for me in the best and worst of times. When my Grandpa was sick she was the best support I could ask for. She is the nicest mom to her girls.. I am pretty sure Sophie loves her more than me. and ps i ADORE her girls!!!
Our husbands get so annoyed because they say that we are pretty much the same personality. We drive them crazy because we tend to get a little out of control. I laugh so hard it hurts when were together.. even when were not together were chatting on our blackberrys... laughing so hard it hurts..... seriously it's kinda ridiculous.
Anyway I love this chick and am so grateful for all she does and what a caring, generous, supportive, HILARIOUS, wicked awesome best friend she is!


Crystal HW said...

I have that same plaque above my family picture...except reversed colors!

Best friends are great to have. Glad to hear you have such a good one!

benandkristi said...

ooohhhhh yoooouuuuu!!! i had no idea you posted this!!!! i love you too! and if the way grace was with you on saturday is any indication... i daresay she would trade moms in a second!!!