Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas and... someone's 3!!!

A little recap or the last month:
Christmas came and went.. got the girls cute little dresses from Target. I always always wanted 2 little girls that I could dress the same. Poor dears. I hated it when my mom did that to us and now here I am doing the same darn thing.

Spent sometime at the Wolseys before Christmas. Kristi and I acted like we were 14. It was awesome!
Christmas was a very different christmas. I feel like when my Grandpa died we all went into shock for a little while.. It seems like that shock was wearing off by christmas and everything became really real for all of us that we really were spending christmas without him. Gosh, it was a little rough. We spent a little while on christmas eve at my grandpas grave where we sang Christmas songs and lit a candle inside a frozen cover. It was so neat and I would love to be able to do that every year.
Ok so this year for christmas we decided to focus more on what christmas was all about and not get caught up in the presents. We each bought 1 present for ourselves, wrapped it up and on christmas day we put them all in a pile. We each chose one, opened it and had to guess who's it was. I did buy my kids presents so we all sat and watched them open there presents which is the most fun anyway. It was awesome and so low stress, but mostly could focus on the true meaning of christmas.
Last but not least MY BABY IS 3!!!!! I guess I shouldn't say my baby because I have a baby but seriously-- how did this happen??? She was so excited about her party. We had it at the APX office and she had so much fun. 3 years has come and gone and my sweet little baby has become a little girl. She:
-Loves princesses.. anything princess. She sees someone in a fancy dress and she thinks she is a princess. She would wear princess dresses everyday if I let her. Her favorite princess is usually cinderella but it does change on occasion.
-She is the best BEST cuddler. She nestles up next to me and her little body just melts. She always says "i need a little cuddle time k.."
-She is super shy to people she doesn't know. I think people think she's snobby until she warms up to you.
-She tells me that when she's bigger she's going to fly instead if walk.
- She hates wearing pants. She say it makes her legs hot
-If you ask her what she wants for lunch she almost always says a salad.. she loves greek salad especially. I wish I loved salads as much as her.
-She is SUCH a good big sister. She has never pushed, pinched, bit or hit Ella. She is super gentle and affectionate with her
-She says the funniest things and picks up on everything. I think she's a pretty smart cookie.

We love her crazy lots and hate to see her get bigger and grow up but love watching her learn and grow and get so excited as she does it. Happy Birthday Sophie Pie.


Crystal HW said...

Glad to see you back to the blogging world. The first Christmas is rough, and there will be moments in Christmas' to come that will be too. I agree, the candle in the ice is a great idea! Our girls have grown up so fast, I agree. Was her birthday before January, so she is in Sunbeams now or is that move next year?

benandkristi said...

what an awesome post!! i loooooved it! and i also love sophie. i sort of thought she was mine though, so maybe i should have blogged about this... oops.

The Brandleys said...

Cute Cute! My Baby is about to turn 3 and I don't know if I can handle it! She is gorgeous though! I love how she's going to fly instead of walk, when she gets bigger. Adorable!

Andy said...

loved all the pics and love to be back looking at your blog.

my faves.
1. sophie's hair in every pic! seriously, how do you do that? or is she just blessed with beautiful hair?
2. the one of watson, sophie, and kristie's little girl... they're all so cute.
3.the first one of sophie and ella (on the right) i think sophie looks just like you and ella looks alot like kara (does anyone else say that?) i love that sophie's arm is wrapped around ells's neck.

Now i'm going to catch up on the rest of your blog that i've missed over the last while. i might grab some kleenex first.

Glad to be back reading your blog. i've missed it. Thanks for letting me read!

Ha ha longest comment EVER!!

Collette and Kevin said...

i agree with the last comment, sophie and ella as babies definitely look like you and kara as babies! isn't it sooooo crazy that our "babies" are three!! they're so big now. it's crazy. alexa told me the other day that she felt left out cuz daddy was feeding payton!!! how the heck did she get so in touch with her feelings???!! was pretty cute. anyways, loved the new updates and pictures. one day we'll have to get our girlies together again. maybe after we move back to AZ in a couple months!!!

p.s...what program did you use to do the collages of pictures???

the fellers said...

they grow SO fast! It is crazy!!