Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tooo wicked the olympic torch came through LETH!!!

When we heard that the olympic torch was coming through little old Lethbridge we were pretty pumped! Of course the Wolsey's came over and we were all geared up to go. The festivities didn't start for another hour so we were just hanging out at our house when all of a sudden we hear all of this loud music. We ran outside to see what was going on and low and behold the torch was coming down the street at the end of our block! It was so wicked! There wasn't even hardly anyone there so he ran right past us. Crazy!

The girls were so excited.. they didn't really know why they were so excited but they were...

It was really cool once we got to Henderson Park where all the excitement was. They were giving away cool stuff and there was local performers. Sophie and Grace were waving there flags around.. kinda sounds lame but I was pretty proud to be canadian!

they were giving out these cool coke bottles in aluminum bottles... i asked how much they cost and he said a smile. so here are our biggest smiles. ps. i love kristi wolsey!

We even got a pic with one of the torch bearers. Spencer is super cool right?
When we got back to our place the girls of course had to have a bath together and get there jammies on.. it's kinda a tradition with them... then the photoshoot begins... (also a tradition)

All in all a super fun night!! Now I must get some sleep!


benandkristi said...

hahaha!!! i die everytime i see that last pic!! i friggen love your daughter. ben says they look like they're out clubbing and so i guess that makes soph the party animal!! we had soooo much fun last night, even when my arms froze off. i love you too kelsey pankhurst.

Crystal HW said...

YAY for the Olympics! I should have been more persistant about going to the celebrations here in Medicine Hat on Saturday when it came through here.

It is always nice to have good friends to do fun things with.

Anonymous said...
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Candace said...

I'm so jealous, that sounds like so much fun. I got to see it run past when it was down here in SLC, so I totally understand. Although, I'm proud to be Canadian to, eh!

Anonymous said...