Saturday, June 23, 2007

So the other morning I was doing my makeup and Sophie was sitting there just staring at me so I started to put blush on her cheeks and nose and the tickling of the brush was making her giggle so much. It was so funny and even funnier was how cute she looks with blush on her face.


erin said...

She is wearing makeup, soon she'll be shaving her legs and before you know it she'll be dating.

The Fellers said...

this is so asked how I got scoty to sleep during the night...well i am a nazi mom. in the night i dont even pick him up....if he cries, i go in and give him his binky....dont turn on the lights...and just leave the room. For the first bit it took awhile for him to realize that I wasnt going to do it. but some babies just need to eat or whatever. but if she isnt hungry...i would try that. Also, they say the more they sleep during the day, the better they sleep at night. so maybe try giving her another nap. Scoty also goes to bed at 7:00 (I am not telling you that to brag)...but it was like 11:00...and we just slowly started to put him to bed earlier and earlier every couple of nights...and now it is is nice....also another thing, is we do the exact same thing everynight before he goes to bed...they say the routine thing is key...because then after awhile they are soothed, because they know what is going to happen....but I dont know...every baby is so different! But dont be sad...some nights he still wakes up...but I have trained him that he isnt gettign out of is all good!