Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sophie and Watson

So.... We always try to get Watson to look at Sophie and he usually won't and when he does he sometimes starts to get kinda sad.. I think that he gets a little annoyed of Sophie always grabbing at his face and nose. Anyway this week Watson has decided that he likes Sophie. They are so funny! We sat them on the floor and Watson was just giggling and getting so excited looking at Sophie. It was the cutest thing ever. I hope they grow up to be great friends!


erin said...

hey kelsey I think this watson babe likes to eat sophie. He's totally making his move early. He's hold hands kissing hands, has he seen her with her make up on? Keep an eye on those two. especially alone.

krysett said...

hey kelsey, i didnt know you had a im wicked exctied. so what are you guys up to? where are you these days. our family is in kansas for the summer...its hot. well i will talk to you that i have your blog to look at everyday...wa hoo

krysett said...

k...i just finished looking at your bolg and i must say that your little sophie is the cutest thing!! how old is she now?
if you dont know who i am KRYSETT stands for krys and paranoyed about leaving our names on the internet.