Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So we finally went to see some history here in Philly. Tickets to go through Independance Hall were all sold out so we will have to do that later but it was cool to see the outside of the building and the liberty bell. We also got to take a picture in love park in front of the LOVE sign. It was a really fun day and of course we topped off the day at Pat's King of Steaks where the very first philly cheesesteak was made.


erin said...

kelsey you two are great. I love the love sign so cute. I have your number Im going to call you so soon.

erin said...

I am so sad to tell you that we did not get booed this year. SO sad the Halloween spirit isnt here. WE need LINDSAY to livin things up. Please say LINDSAY just like we do. HAHAHAHa