Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just hangin with celebs.. no big deal.

Does anyone know who Willam Joseph is? If not you are missing out!! He is an incredible piano player from Arizona. He has toured with Josh Groben and Clay Aiken. My mom and sister saw him open for Josh Groben a few years ago and they became such huge fans. Anyway they have gone to a ton of his concerts in Calgary over the past few years and have gotten us all addicted to his music. He is LDS with 3 kids and a wife in Arizona and somehow the Carriage House Theatre managed to get him to come to Cardston to do a concert tonight. I have had my 2nd row seats since day 1 and I am so excited. But even more exciting!!! Spence and I got to go to a private dinner and concert at the Dal and Amy Zemps last night. Him and his violinist came and we ate dinner then he played for us in the Zemps living room. I still haven't quite come down off a high yet. It was so amazing! I am even more of fan now .. if that's even possible. Anyway look him up on youtube and you will be so jealous! Jks, but seriously go buy his C.D. You will not regret it!


PeavoyMom said...

Wow, that is so cool! I would love to meet talent like that (although, as far as I'm concerned your Mom comes pretty close). He is also very good looking.

krysett said...

private dinner concert...what the.....thats too wicked