Friday, March 28, 2008

Freezie Breezie

Sophie's top molars are starting to come through. It has been freezie after freezie. I found some from Safeway that are pure fruit juice. When she sees them she gets so excited! When I realized that her freezie actually matched her shirt the camera just had to come out.


Schows said...

Freezies! What a good idea Kels! I need to try those. Ok I'm dying over Sophies curls! Sooo cute! I feel like her hair is growing so quickly!

erin said...

what a fun little girl. YOu can totally tell homegirl has personality! Just looking at her bowling and pacing your livingroom floor, she cracks me up. What a clever idea for the moulers. Here in the good ol U S OF A we have outter Pops. I'll pass the word to all my baby friends.

Jess said...

love the new pictures..and her hair! She is so cute!