Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We have really been enjoying the beautiful weather lately. Funny thing is, if this was June weather we would all be FREEZING! But it's not and we are loving our 14 degree celsius days. We have had the funnest time going to the park by our house. In fact the other day we just had to have a picnic. We picked up a bucket of KFC and hit up Henderson Park. There was still snow on the ground but we just had to. Anyway I today was a little colder and SUPER windy which was not exciting but hopefully it gets nicer again soon. I hate the cold!..... Why do I want to live here forever?
Kimp and Ipoor little red nose.

mmm mmmm. i love the look on sophie's face
she absoloutly loves to be thrown up in the air

this is her latest.... when she starts to hysterically laugh she has to put her head down on the ground just like this. I guess that it's that funny that she does not have the strength to keep that head up.

She never likes to be carried anymore. Apparantly she is a big girl now.
I think that she thought rocks were candy. I freaked when I looked over and she was putting rocks in her mouth. Eeeewwwwww sick!

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lynsey said...

A picnic?! I am so jealous, we still have so much snow I doubt that we are going to be able to have an Easter egg hunt this year! I can't believe all of the hair she has. She is so cute, and obviously such a big girl now:)