Friday, April 23, 2010

ella ella ella...

Something happened to my baby..
my angel baby
She is not a baby! She's getting big and feisty, and hilarious, and noisy.. did i mention feisty??
She tells me no and get's mad when Soph cuddles me.
She is super mischievous. When it gets really quiet I start to get very worried.

ok. seriously my baby was an angel for the first year of her life.
where did she go?
But I really really love her...
She's affectionate and sweet and loves her big sister so much.
She cuddles me all the time.
Her little baby words melt me.
She loves to dance and sing.
She makes me feel like the funniest person ever and laughs at everything I do and say.
She gets a kick out of herself.
oh.. and she still sleeps like a dream
... I ADORE my little toddler

I just miss my baby.
My sweet, easy baby.
(my baby that would lay on the floor all day and smile)


CMortenson said...

what an adorable fiesty cutie though! payton is the same way. she's already tormenting alexa and is pretty mischevious as well. i love it. so is it time for baby #3 if ella is no longer a baby???? ;-)

benandkristi said...

ummmm, so my baby is waaaay more fiesty. bwahahahahahaha!!!!! i love myself. i also love your sweet little adorable toddler. also... i friggen adore that pic. well done chief! makes me super excited for our big shoot!

Crystal HW said...

They grow up so fast.
Great Shots of the girls! Looks like your course paid off!!!

chris said...

sigh.... im right there with ya...are babies are growing up. well, i guess that means it is time to have another one...ha
p.s i love the pics you took.. so cute!

marisajbaines said...

oh, this is marisa not chris....

marisajbaines said...

okay, so i was signed in under chris..but anyway.
this is what i wrote.ha

sigh... im totally with ya. our babies are growing up so fast.. i guess the only answer is to have another get to it.. your kids are way too cute anyway, i love the pics you took!!!