Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vegas baby

I love Vegas! I love Vegas!!! One of our friends, Ryan was turning 30 so his awesome wife, Beth organized a suprise party in Vegas for him.. Seriously best wife ever! Anyway we just went for the weekend and it was the best. It was a nice little getaway before the crazy madness of summer season starts for Spence. If you are wondering why there isn't a single picture of Spencer.. it's because I pretty much didn't hang out with him. The girls went shopping while the boys golfed. We had so much fun and I wish it was longer. We are already planning our next trip. I am hooked. Through Spencer's job over the past 4 years I have met some of the greatest girls and have maintained good friendships with them. We don't see each nearly enough but when we do we pick right up where we left off. It was so fun to hang out with some of them this weekend and meet some new friends also.

We stayed at the New York, New York. It's a cool hotel, reminiscent of New York obviously. They have a statue of liberty outside it and it has a rollercoaster that wraps around the whole hotel. I wouldn't suggest it for kids though. It's pretty smoky.

we totally got a limo.. i am so mad this is the best picture i got of it.. its cute of beth and vic but not of the limo. whatev!
ummmm ok. best buffet ever.. any eating healthy was thrown out the window. all of the menu items were super fancy so you can try out all of those dishes your too scared to order. if anyone goes to vegas, hit up the wynn buffet! you won't regret it.
shopping.. it was the best weather!
frozen hot chocolate from "serendipity".. it was good.. not $10 dollars good.. but we can say we did it and we got a picture so hey.
randee and i and our candy apples. ya, it was a scandelous night of eating at the buffet
Anyway we are back to real life now and I am more tired then ever..

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