Saturday, April 3, 2010

Strawberries = Love

I love strawberries! Spence does too.. but my girls LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberries. They would eat them all day long if I let them. I have to limit there intake because between the 4 of us we are going through container of them a day. Last night when Soph was about to go to bed she asked if she could please please just have a snack of strawberries....
Well with those big blue eyes looking up at me how could i even say no..
I put 4 strawberries in a bowl and gave them to her... oh my MELTDOWN.. that was not enough. Mostly the problem was she was tired and acting totally irrational so off to bed she went without her strawberry snack.
This morning as I made her and Ella toast and strawberries for breakfast this is how our conversation went.
Sophie :Mommy, are you giving me strawberries because you love me so much?
Me: Yep.
Sophie: Why didn't you love me last night?
Me: I loved you last night, I just didn't love the way you act when you get tired.
Sophie: ..after thinking a long time "Aren't mommy's supposed to love there girls even if there bad"
Me: Sophie I do love you, even when your bad. But you don't get "rewarded" when your bad.. ( i thought i would throw in a word i thought she didn't know.. maybe quiet her up)
Sophie:I was sad all night mommy....

... oh my... everyone warned me about the 3 year olds.. haha! As challenging as this age may be at times I sure do love it.


marisajbaines said...

ahhh, i havnt seen her in forever....she sounds like such a sweetheart. oh, great, now i want some strawberries.!

benandkristi said...

awwwww. i love her. and i loved getting to be her superstore mommy last night. fyi- i woulda given her more.