Thursday, January 27, 2011

My baby is 2!

Yep, she is definitely 2.. 

I love this girl! She gets me so good. She is so stinking hilarious. So much personality is packed into this little 2 year old. She loves to cuddle, loves her big sister (and loves to pick on her), has so much energy, would be outside all day even if it's minus 40, has to have her babies at all times, loves apples and gickles (pickles), thinks its funny to act like a doggy all the time, sleeps 14 hours every night, loves to dress up in pittys ( pretty princess dresses), and thinks all of our jokes are super funny (bless her heart)!  We  are so grateful for her... but yes she is definitely 2! 
Happy Birthday baby Ella!


CMortenson said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Ella! It sounds like our little ladies could be soul sisters...they seem VERY similar!

Crystal HW said...

2 already!
Happy Belated Birthday, Ella.

PamH said...

Sounds like you are describing Boston! Lol! He LOVES to pretend to be a little puppy! Ella is too cute!