Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas was great!

How darling are these little nightgowns my mom made out of leftover fabric from our christmas jammies when we were this little. It was like a blast from the past.

 We decided Santa had enough cookies for the night so we left him some grapes and carrots.. and some peanuts for the reindeer obviously
 Christmas morning Ella just wanted to chill.. She opened her dollies and her sunglasses from the top of her stocking and she was done. Soph definitely opened the rest of her presents... Please don't judge me for still giving her a bottle. I have no excuses.. except I'm weak. :)
All in all christmas 2010 was a sucess.. 


Karlene said...

cute, cute, cute!! no judgement here, i'm the exact same way lol

Andy said...

um, chelsey had her bottle till she was 2 1/2. we finally got rid of it by putting vinegar and water in it and telling her it was rotten.

Crystal HW said...


No parent has the right to judge how you raise your children.