Saturday, January 1, 2011

My new years resolution

Is to be a better blogger. I have just plain sucked! It's been almost 4 months!!! Wowzas! So here I go.

It's been a great 4 months!

My girls are getting so big and fun! 
It's music to my ears when I hear giggling coming from the bedroom and I peek in to see them playing with there dollys having so much fun. 

My ella girl- She's such a monster sometimes. Definitely a girl who knows what she wants and most of the time gets it. She isn't talking a ton which at first stressed me out until we turned on a baby moniter in her room and have come to find out she actually does know how to talk.. just doesn't like to talk in front of people. In fact, when we acknowledge her when she says things she gets so shy and embarresed. I think she's just trying to perfect it then she'll break out the full sentances. 
I just love her to death and she is such a cuddly sweet little thing. She gets me so good!

Soph is my little sweetheart. She has such a sensitive little heart and has grown up so much. She is such a big help to me! She has also made quite a few friends lately. We can't see them... Actually she admittedly can't see them either but they do keep her quite entertained throughout the day. Ella looks at her like shes loco but Sophie loves her Lily Jasmine, Katie, Jessar, and Sam. She had to wear bright red lipstick so that she could go to the fashion show with them the other day. Oh dear me! She has quite the imagination and entertains me with her big ideas on a daily basis. She told me yesterday that it was time to move because she is ready for a new house with a new, pink room for her. We settled on keeping the house and painting her walls pink instead.. Much easier.

Our little family is doing great. Spence is enjoying some down time before things start to get crazy with work again soon.. I am nice and busy with my photography and loving it. I can't believe that support and encouragement I have felt since starting this little endeavour and I am so excited for whats to come.

Lastly, I have a lot of people asking if I lost weight so here it goes... Yikes I can't believe I am posting this. Yes, I have lost 35 pounds... And the healthy way. Nothing crazy.. just the good old fashion eating right and exercise. I kinda started in June but then really commited to it in August and started the lifestyles program at the Cardston clinic. I still have 12 pounds to go but I feel so much better emotionally and physically. One thing I discovered in this process was that I actually am an emotional eater. I don't eat when I'm sad but I eat when I am happy(which is an emotion too.. haha). I guess I always just thought emotional eating was when you are depressed.. I have now learned to replace the food with other things. Since losing the weight it seems that everything has been falling into place and I have a lot more balance.
So there you have it.. THe last 4 months in review. I really am going to be a better blogger!! I promise!


the fellers said...

yay for a new post, and I was looking at your pictures on facebook a few days ago and thought, "wow, she looks fantastic!!" congrats, and eating healthy and exercise is the way to go...then you dont have to change anything when you have lost your weight, just keep eating healthy and exercising....and you feel so much better too, which is a bonus! Good job!

lynsey said...

So Happy to see a post and to hear a bit about what is going on with your cute little family! Your girls are so darling and I love your photography! And WOWZERS you look great! Way to go!

Christal said...

you look amazing and good for you for doing it the right way really the only way! Love your photography you are so good! Glad all is going good! The girls are so cute and getting so big no fair eh! They grow up way to fast!

Little Tiddy Family said...

Kelsey you look amazing!! Im so happy for you! My mom did that too and she said she would never look back it was the best thing she has done, hard but so worth it!! you look great!!!

Crystal HW said...

Yay to being back! Yay to your photography going well. But most especially, Yay to Losing Weight The Right Way so You Can Keep It Off!!!! Way to Go Kelsey!

THe girls are sure growing up fast. SO adorable.

Amy and Brandon said...

Looking gorgeous! And I can't get over how beautiful your girls are...I guess they take after their momma!

leah jane said...

Well you look just AWESOME! Job well done. Also, can I implore you to share with me where you found that adorable grey top in the after picture? I love it!

AK BOEHMER said...

I am creeping on your blog now that i am a blogger lol but holy moly kel seriously HOT MAMA!!! LOVE YOU!!