Sunday, January 9, 2011

My big girl

IS 4! It was her GOLDEN birthday this year!!
We had a little party with the fam to celebrate the occasion. When I say family that includes the Wolseys. Kai and Gracie are sisters to my girls.. obviously. Anyway we had some yummy food, opened presents,

had some cake.. fashion fairytale cake that is
and obviously a party without dressing up is no party.  Gosh I love having girls!.. seriously how cute are these little princesses?
Happy birthday my sweet little girl! You have grown up so much and your daddy and I love you so much we can't hardly stand it!


Ashley said...

What a cute post Kels! Your little girls are so adorable and you take such darling pictures.

marisajbaines said...

little girl princesses are the best.....those four little girls are darling. darling. darling! great work on the party!