Tuesday, February 26, 2008


These two! They are so tight lately. I am beginning to feel a little left out. Jks. But seriously when Spence is in the room, no one else exists. She is fine with me until he gets home then when he walks in the door she is glued to him. She starts to giggle when she hears the door unlocking. She says, "Who's that?" Then when he walks in the door she says, "DADDY!!!" It is the darn cutest thing! It melts Spencer's heart. He can't do anything without her being right there next to him. She holds onto his pant leg when he is making something to eat or talking on the phone. It is hilarious! Spence is such a hands on dad too. It makes me so happy to see him down on her level playing with her and taking her down to her room to put her to sleep. He is great! I have a feeling this isn't just a phase!


The Brandleys said...

Man I wish!! What age does that start happening? Jonas Loves his daddy but only for a minute and then he's back to climbing up my leg again. Oh well Something to look forward too I guess.

The Fellers said...

i love that...Scoty is so the same way with Shon, makes me feel sad sometimes, but it has also helped SO MUCH with this pregnancy! you will love it then for sure!