Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some new faves

what a dang delicious treat this is!! mmmm mmmm. spence, kimber and i just devoured this stuff and i must admit i am quite satisfied. these multigrain chips are way better than originals and way healthier.... as long as you don't eat the whole bag like we just did. i would highly recommend the dip.. not so healthy but delish!!

i took sophie swimming today at the ymca. that's where i work out and i can take sophie there for free. she had so much fun splashing around and kicking her feet. i think it will be a regular saturday thing. spence was installing all day today. he installed 6 systems today so he was gone the majority of the day. i am so grateful that he can install here in lethbridge for the winter and spring, it has helped so much!

one other thing... does anyone ever eat at joey's only seafood??? it is such a hidden gem i am not kiddin. i have been very impressed everytime i go there. i got salmon last time, a wrap the time before and today kimber and i went and i got a pork sandwich that was simply divine. man have i ever eaten scandelous today. whateva!

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The Brandleys said...

I love Joey's you're right it's a gem!