Sunday, February 3, 2008

Supersize me

I always said I wouldn't be one of those moms....... I swore that Sophie would eat three balanced meals a day with 2 healthy snacks. You read the books but at some point you just gotta relax. We were shopping at the new Wal-Mart (which I love.. only 4 blocks from our house). Anyway Sophie was hungry and we were hungry so we thought we would hit up a little Ronalds. Sad as it is fries are one of her faves. I am going to try and be better. I promise it doesn't happen all the time. Anyway I swear that Sophie is going through terrible twos already. Is that possible? I gave her a fry and it seemed to be quite long so I broke it in two. Well obviously that was the wrong the wrong thing to do and she let me know it. She started bawling! She was reaching for her daddy (she was obviously ticked with me) and Spence being the softy he is snatched her right out of there. She was so mad at me and kept glaring at me and hugged and kissed Spence like crazy. It was actually quite cute but I am worried. If she has meltdowns like this now what is 2 gonna be like?? aaaaaahh! Don't get me wrong.. she is an incredibly good little girl and these tantrums are a very frequent occurance... anyway she is asleep right now and she has been so funny today. She has been giggling at everything and she has been so pleasant. Last night the concert was awesome. I loved it. He gave Kara 15 free tickets for the show in Calgary tommorow night and she has given them all away except 2. I am seriously tempted to go up and see him again....??

this is before she told me off
mmmmm nuggets

showing some daddy love


Schows said...

Kel, That pic of you is way too cute! You look awesome! Funny how the attitude on little girls can just be so dang cute! You'll never guess what calling Tyler and I just got called to.... Nursery Leaders! Lol we're pretty much taking your place in Rexburg. too funny eh? I love it though.

Bevans said...

he,he. i remember that stage. by the way i was told it's the terrible two's happen in the second year of their life not when they turn two. so it hopefully goes away. madi totally experimented with the tantrums. she still does some know but she is learning to talk so we make her tell or show us what she wants. when she started doing the tantrums we totally ignored her. i don't know if i wrote this to you before or not. sorry if i have. well the ignoring worked and she stopped. she would do the lay on the ground ones. we would just walk away. even in a store and she was embarassed when an old man starting talking to her. it was funny.
i'm so jealous of your personal concert of william joseph. I saw him at the josh groban concert and loved him. have the cd's. i coudln't go that night. so sad!!

Vinnie said...

k...seriously, I totally know how you feel, I swear the day that Scoty turned one he become the terrible two! I was freaking out too, like what is he going to be like when he is 2?? But I looked it up and read somewhere that the terrible twos are really the second year of life, so the year between 1 and nothing ot worry about, it will get better!! Anyways, she is so cute, and dont be sad, I give Scoty fries here and there too.....oops!! hehe