Monday, February 11, 2008

Twist of Lime

I don't know what it is but Sophie has quite the pallett. We discovered that she liked lemons at Boston Pizza back before Christmas. I had a lemon in my water and she kept grabbing for it. I gave it to her to quite her down. I figured that she would hate it then I wouldn't have to worry about it but no. She sucked every last bit of juice out of that lemon. The other day I had limes and I was putting a wedge in my soda and thought I would let Sophie try it. She let out one sour face, then again, sucked all the juice out of it. Is that normal?? I don't think so. She would love me forever if I would let her eat plain ranch or plain ketchup for every meal and lemons and limes for snacks. So strange!


The Fellers said...

Scoty loves Lemons too, he doesnt even make the face anymore, he just eats it like an apple, so weird! I love her, she is so cute!

Schows said...

That last picture is like none other... no words. She is the funnest little thing. Its so weird that she loves lemons and limes, Lola likes them too. I drink lemon water in the morning and I thought it would be so funny to give her a taste. She lapped it right up and wanted more...?

Jessica said...

That last pic is gonna make me laugh all night! It's weird I know but I honestly get the biggest kick out of handing something sour to a little kid...I remember giving Hannah a lemon when she was so little. Noah is wise to my tricks now and Gracie won't touch anything I give her...she has to do it all by herself! Anyway we need to get these girls together real soon!