Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please no more pictures

I think Sophie might be getting a little tired of the constant, "Smile Sophie" she is getting. After snapping away for a few minutes Sophie tore her bow off her head and looked at me with this, "Please stop, I have had ENOUGH!" look. Poor dear. I would probably get tired of it too! Sorry Sophie, but I don't see me letting up anytime soon. Oh this was Valentines. I said that I would post pics of her in her little red sweater with a heart on it. So appropriate. Her daddy dressed her. So on the ball Spence!

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Schows said...

I just love that look shes giving you in the first pic.... funny that look feels oddly familiar! But how can you let up with the pictures on these chubba little faces, you cant.! Its a lost cause. Kara does look so cute! What has she been up to lately? Can you even blame Sophie about those Olive Garden breadsticks? Oh its been way too long for me. So Kel are you just getting way excited about Indy, the pool, Clay Tarrace, Fashion mall, the list goes on and on. Its so beautiful down there!