Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Olive Garden and KARA!!

My dad just got back from a business trip to B.C and Spence, Sophie and I decided that we would tag along with my mom to Calgary to pick him up. Kara met us all at the Olive Garden. I was great to see her.... I miss her a lot, even though she is only 2 hours away we do not see eachother enough. It was so fun... and very delicious!!

She LOVED the breadsticks way too much
ooooooh i have the wickedest double chin but Kar looks way to cute to not post this pic
Everytime Kara did this face Sophie went NUTS. She loved it!
I think this is about breadstick #3
Also one other thing... Sophie choked today... Sad thing was it was a carrot which she definately should not have had. I was eating them and she got a hold of one and bit off the end of it with those sharp teeth and tried to swallow it down. It was the scariest thing ever. She didn't choke for long but it really traumatized her..... AND ME! I felt like the worst mom! I think that things happen for a reason and I think this happened so that I learn to watch her a lot closer. She is at a stage that she is always getting into some kind of mischief. Love her to death!!!

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CMortenson said...

we've been there. it was an apple for us though. actually, it's happened twice now. and i've had to turn alexa over and pound on her back, poor thing. it IS scary though!